Today’s a Good Day, Innit?

Before we can get into discussing the power of language prejudice, we have to find out what it is. Language Prejudice. Language is a method of communication we humans use daily. Prejudice is the preconception of a person. What is language prejudice exactly? According to Wikipedia (I know, don’t judge me, it was the only […]

Top Secret

I grew up on several First Nations Reserves located across Northern Ontario and Minnesota. Each place had a different way they went about teaching their culture and language, but the thing that stayed the same was the way they spoke and the slang. In short, I grew up hearing the infamous “Rez talk.” Hearing this […]

True to Yourself

The first book I read in this class was “Moon of the Crusted Snow.” The novel is set in a Fictional Northern Reserve of Gaawaandagkoong First Nation, Ontario. (Side Note: The reserve is 200-300 km North of Gibson, which is a small town in the South of Ontario. I find it ridiculous that people find Parry Sound […]

Swimming on the Rez

“The Moon of the Crusted Snow” is a fascinating read so far. This novel is about when the power goes out in a First Nation community, and the resident of the Reserve have resort to old ways. When Evan was describing seeing Nicole for the first time swimming at the beach before kindergarten, it reminded […]

The Non-Conformist Island

Power emerges from the text “The Island” by the main character himself being “an eccentric and non-conformist”. The main character uses his mastery of language to not abide by society’s rules. Nowhere in the text does it state the man was intoxicated or disruptive. When looking through the eyes of society, you assume that he […]

Reflection for ENG2D

During this course, we worked on writing a literary analysis, remixes, concepts maps, and reflected on our work. In this course, everything that I learned was new because I never really had anyone to push me in English-which was one of my worst subjects about a year ago. But this year, I believe I succeeded […]

Showcase Portfolio: The Power of People

Aaryn Zoccole Mrs. Balen ENG 2D3U4U January 21 2018 Analysis of ‘The House of the Scorpion’ When examining The House of the Scorpion from an archetypal perspective, it becomes clear that this story is the situational archetype called The Journey. The Journey archetype consists of the main character/protagonist going on a journey that may be […]

Planning My Summative

  During my planning for my summative I chose to use Blog Post 3- Archetypal Theory. I chose this because I found that I wrote archetypal analysis the best and feel that I with the thesis I could do great media aspects of this summative. My thesis from the novel is “This novel represents the […]