The Non-Conformist Island

Photo by Faye Cornish on Unsplash

Power emerges from the text “The Island” by the main character himself being “an eccentric and non-conformist”. The main character uses his mastery of language to not abide by society’s rules. Nowhere in the text does it state the man was intoxicated or disruptive. When looking through the eyes of society, you assume that he may have a mental health problem, but when spoken to, the man is coherent. The man takes the power of words to do what he pleases, even if it means to be an island.



The connection between language and power is revealed in the quote by the author saying that language is power. People show their potential by using language with the tone of their voice, the words they choose, and who they speak their power to. The power of communication can be associated with the number of people who preach with the same voice and meaning. For example, the Me Too Movement, the Civil Rights Movement, and the Climate Movement.

Today people get to use their voice for something they believe in and want, which shows the truth of the connection of language and power.

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